Book Bundle

Siddhali Shree’s Book & CD Bundle

Bundle includes:

– 31 Days to a Changed You (Reg. $10)
– Songs of the Sadhvi Piano CD (Reg. $15)

Product Details:  

31 Days to a Changed You

In Sadhvi Siddhali Shree’s 31 Days to a Changed You, the individual is highlighted. This book is about the ‘Self’ experience. Get ready because you are about to embark on a month long journey that can powerfully change your life for the better! In just thirty one days, Siddhali Shree outlines a daily action plan program that can radically transform your life.

This is a practical, self-help book that shows you step-by-step how to take charge of your life through the establishment of processes for enhancing and enriching your self-concept and self-awareness. Each chapter brings upon a new level of empowerment that will improve the individual in every arena of life. This book is about taking responsibility for your life NOW, and then taking action NOW to create a life worth living.

Songs of the Sadhvi

Enter deep states of meditation  and heal yourself with colorful music composed by Sadhvi Siddhali Shree. Like meditation experiences, unique and never repeated, Sadhviji plays and records her piano music once. Relax and merge with higher consciousness to taste your soul.


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Acharya Shree’s Book Bundle of 4

Bundle includes:

– Awaken! ($15)
– Secrets of Enlightenment Vol I ($15)
– Secrets of Enlightenment Vol II ($15)
– Chakra Awakening: The Lost Techniques ($25)

Product Details:

Awaken! Click here for book details.
Secrets of Enlightenment Vol I Click here for book details.
Secrets of Enlightenment Vol II Click here for book details.
Chakra Awakening: The Lost Techniques Click here for book details.

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Knowing Self & Purpose: Audio Course

Knowing Self & True Purpose. This includes training on:

  • The RIGHT way to reciting Positive Affirmations (No one tells you this)
  • How to dissolve negative self-limiting beliefs
  • How to deepen your spiritual path
  • How to eliminate confusion
  • How to concentrate and increase intuition
  • How to trust yourself
  • Discover hidden qualities about who you really are
  • What Knowing your true self is REALLY about

This is the full audio recording of Acharya Shree Yogeesh conducting the Knowing yourSelf and Purpose Retreat at Siddhayatan.

Includes 4 CDs.

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