Become a Spiritual Nun or Monk

The path of monkhood, or the monastic life, is the most respectable path as it is a life dedicated to self-improvement, transformation, soul awakening, and helping others do the same.
The teachings of Acharya Shree Yogeesh are based on the Arihanta System. Arihanta means “one who has dissolved all of their inner enemies.” Once a soul is free from all inner enemies, ignorance and karma, the soul automatically becomes enlightened and liberated.

“I’m not here to make you a follower.
I’m here to make you a master.”
– Acharya Shree Yogeesh

Who is Monkhood for?

Monkhood is dedicated to improving yourself, transforming your lower qualities into higher qualities, dissolving your karma, crushing your ego, and learning to live with right conduct, right vision and right knowing.

To be a candidate for monkhood you must be willing to leave the worldly life and live simply, not have family or financial responsibilities, be educated, be able to work with a team, be humble, have a strong desire to make a positive, spiritual and global impact, and commit your life to deeply understanding and helping spread the teachings of Acharya Shree.
If you are seeking to escape the world and responsibilities, do not want to work hard on yourself, want to meditate all day and not contribute, want to live in seclusion and silence, then this path at Siddhayatan is not for you.
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How to Become a Nun or Monk at Siddhayatan

(1) First complete the inquiry form below. (2) After reviewing your inquiry, we will be in touch with you. (3) You will be required to participate in the Ashram Living Experience program for at least one month. (4) During your participation, you will be interviewed by Acharya Shree Yogeesh to discuss your path and your desire to become a monk. (5) Before the end of your program, he will let you know if you have the potential to be a nun/monk and if the monastic life is for you or not for you. (6) He might invite you to return right away to begin training, let you know if you need to improve certain areas of your life first before coming for training, etc.

Your initial exposure to training begins with the Ashram Living Experience. This program will give you a real experience of what it is like to live simply in an ashram community and how to contribute to Acharya Shree’s vision. This experience will, in fact, let you and us know if this path is for you. Time of training will vary based on the individual. When you are ready, Acharya Shree will give you Diksha (a public ceremony of initiation), you will take your vows, be given a spiritual name, and fully commit your life to the path of monkhood.

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