Fasting: A Path for Healing, Transformation, & Liberation

**All-new book by Acharya Shree Yogeesh**

The spiritual path is the most important journey.

Fasting: A Path for Healing, Transformation, & Liberation is a comprehensive guide about fasting for the upliftment of your soul. Even the most auspicious souls like Mahavira, Parshvanath, Buddha, Jesus, among others, are known to have fasted for the purification of their being and to advance on the spiritual path.

Fasting can help you cleanse and heal your body, mind, and soul. With the right understanding of this spiritual practice, you will have a safe experience among many benefits. Acharya Shree Yogeesh, a master of fasting, will guide you on this journey by revealing one of the most ancient systems that can help free the soul from pain, darkness, ignorance, and negativities. It is your time to feel and live at your best self. You will learn:

• The origins of fasting • Fundamentals of fasting • Types of fasting • The connection between your mind, body, soul through fasting • Fasting as a spiritual ancient practice • The process of burning karma through fasting • Spiritual benefits • Health benefits • Factors that affect the fasting experience • Side effects of fasting • Preparing for fasting • What to expect during fasting • Things to avoid doing during fasting • How to safely break the fast • and more!

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Soul Talks: Power of Intention

**All-new book by Acharya Shree Yogeesh**

The spiritual path is the most important journey.

Soul Talks is a special series by living enlightened master Acharya Shree Yogeesh spanning across a wide variety of topics to help you become highly spiritual, successful, happy, and healthy. Discover simple and practical techniques to help you understand the fundamental and universal principles and laws of spirituality. Dive into this easy to read series through an intimate voice, lively stories, and invaluable gems to help you grow, connect with yourself, and reach the purest state of your soul.

In Soul Talks: Power of Intention you will discover the twelve types of mind, understand the 12 levels of intention, learn how to purify your intentions through 10 practical ways, and improve, purify and master your mind so that it becomes the best instrument for your soul and its purpose — liberation.

Start the path to liberate your soul today!

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