Awaken Chakras: 14-CD Audio Course


Awaken Chakras is a comprehensive, intense and powerful audio course that has the potential to truly transform all aspects of your life. The audio course includes hidden teachings, unheard of techniques, and practical ways to activate and awaken your chakras and kundalini.

  • Nearly 12 hours of Teachings in 20 audio files and pdfs
  • Ancient & Hidden Teachings of the 1st Kundalini Master Tirthankar Parshvanath
  • 7 Chakra Tests
  • Unique and Unheard of Yoga Postures (unknown to even Yoga Teachers)
  • Secrets about the Chakras for all area of your life
  • Energy Creating Mudras
  • How to See and Heal your Aura
  • Dynamic Breathing Techniques for each Chakra
  • Chakra Visualizations
  • Powerful Divine Activation Sounds
  • How to Listen to Inner Chakra Sounds
  • Chakra Activation for Business, School and Relationship Improvement
  • Chakra Advice Based on your Zodiac (Astrological) Sign
  • How to Prevent and Heal Disease


  • Awaken kundalini
  • Balance and activate chakras
  • Advance spiritually
  • Improve health
  • Cultivate relationships (partner, family, professional, social)
  • Save time and money from taking future chakra courses
  • Eliminate confusion
  • Detoxify negative toxins
  • Increase physical energy
  • Conquer sexual addiction
  • Have confidence, fearlessness, and security
  • Develop trust, intuition, balance and be grounded
  • Sharpen your mind
  • Increase concentration, intellect and wisdom
  • Practice unconditional love and forgiveness
  • Communicate and express yourself
  • Speak publicly without fear

When you get this course, you will get

  • accurate and relevant information
  • unrevealed secrets and techniques
  • easy to follow practical techniques and exercises
  • to become an expert on the chakras


  • Spiritual practitioners – deepen and advance your practices
  • Executives & Business people – build success and increase business
  • College Students – increase concentration, comprehension and knowledge retention
  • Artists and Musicians – open up creativity and flow
  • Speakers – magnify your influence and impact through confident messages
  • Yoga Instructors and practitioners – learn unheard of postures and deepen practice to move towards Samadhi
  • Meditation Instructors and practitioners – remove blockages that prevent higher states of consciousness and experience glimpses of soul
  • Reiki practitioners – new techniques to channel energy and heal
  • Everyone – become healthier, happier, and spiritual

The 14 CD Audio Course Also Includes

  • 26-page Chakra Guidebook
  • Siddhayatan’s Universal Mantras for chakra activation
  • 7 guided chakra meditation with music to help activate each chakra (35 minutes)
  • 3 songs from “Songs of the Sadhvi” piano meditation cd for chakra healing

*This course is different and more advanced than the 4-CD Awaken your Chakras course.