Cabin Full-Private Room

 $140.00 per night

A beautiful, simple, and clean full-private room. Located inside a cabin housing 3 rooms. Featuring a lounge and carpet flooring.

Room Features:

  • Private Room
  • Private Bathroom (hot & cold water available)
  • Single room AC & Heater
  • Carpet flooring
  • Electrical outlets
  • Twin-size bed
  • 3-drawer chest
  • Common cabin lounge

5. Save your space:

! ATTENTION (read first):

1. If you are booking for two people and will be sharing the same room, be sure to select double accommodations.
2. If a guest requires a separate room, you will have the chance to add it later.
3. If you are registering 1-3 days before your intended arrival, call 903-487-0717 to confirm availability and program space.
4. If registering for a course, make sure it’s scheduled on the calendar.

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