Pre-Paid Meditation Level II Retreat

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Our Meditation Level II Retreat is perfect if you wish to learn more teachings and techniques to help you deepen your meditation practices through new breathing exercises from Acharya Shree’s Purnam Yoga system and additional techniques to help you improve your concentration and focus. Most importantly, you will gain even more clarity about meditation and it’s vital role to help you awaken, enlighten and liberate your soul.

This retreat is customized for past students who have attended our Meditation Retreat Level I and have been practicing the teachings and techniques for a minimum of 6 months. The Meditation Level II Retreat will include a brief overview and refresher of what you learned in Level I and include many more teachings and techniques to help you overcome your spiritual, mental, and emotional blocks which are preventing you from meditation, to help you focus more, experience even higher states of consciousness, to help you become healthier so that you have a stronger body to process higher levels of meditative energy, and strengthen your third-eye to increase your ability to visualize and experience intuition.

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