Siddhayatan Spiritual Children’s Camp teaches children how to live a more spiritual, healthier and happier life. During camp, children learn yoga, meditation and creative spiritual art, which incorporates special techniques to help them increase self-love and confidence, connecting and knowing their true self and to live a life with spiritual principles.

Spiritual Parents Guiding their Children

As a parent you have the important task to guide your children until they become adults. In the process you want your children to follow the highest principles in life because you know that this will lead them to reach their highest spiritual potential. As you help them build a strong foundation through universal spiritual teachings, you know that they will become strong, courageous, and wise individuals ready to tackle life’s demands, responsibilities and challenges.

Spiritual Children

Many children are born very spiritual but sometimes lack the right guidance. If children pick up valuable spiritual tools early in life they have the opportunity to live a nonviolent life. When children follow a nonviolent life from an early age, they automatically become more peaceful, respectful, insightful, more connected with their true selves, have more discipline, become more inclusive, more open minded, nonjudgmental, flexible and tolerant.

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About Children’s Camp

Siddhayatan’s Spiritual Children’s Camp was created to give children the opportunity to be in a spiritual environment, where they can be themselves, express their creativity, make lasting friendships, and learn spiritual teachings from living enlightened master Acharya Shree Yogeesh.

We have created a unique program that is fun and exciting for kids, which incorporates spiritual principles to help them find their inner courage, think positively, be open-minded and accepting of others, and live a fearless life of compassion and integrity. You child or children can begin their spiritual journey early in life as they gain exposure to Siddhayatan’s teachings of Non-Violence, Compassion, Love, Soul Awakening and Transformation through fun activities such as Purnam Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual Art, Mantra Chanting, and much more. This camp can lead your child into a meaningful life where they follow their true soul’s nature!

Camp Activities

A unique and spiritual experience for your child.

Camp Includes

Vegetarian Meals

We provide yummy kid-friendly vegetarian meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Vegan meals and special-diet meals are available upon request. 


We provide simple, clean and comfortable accommodations as part of your child's camp. Rooms includes heat and a/c. Your child must bring his/her own sleeping bag, pillow, blanket, etc.

Classes & Materials

Your child will participate in multiple activities throughout the camp--art, music, mantras, spiritual lessons, and much more. During the camp, we will give enough time for your child to enjoy snacks, naps, and short breaks.

2019 Spiritual Children’s Camp

Currently cancelled due to COVID-19

Friday – Sunday
Camp check-in time is on Friday at 3:00 pm and activities begin at 4:00 pm.
Camp check-out time is Sunday at 12:00 pm.
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Save your Child’s Space

Early Bird Tuition: $125 per child // Standard Tuition: $150

Space is limited. Register today.
*Siddhayatan Tirth is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.*


Enjoy the ultimate spiritual retreat experience at Siddhayatan.
Enjoy a beautiful day sitting at one of our ponds or forests meditating. Watch breath-taking sunsets and expand yourself into the clear starry skies and Milky Way.

Spiritual Environment
Be surrounded by monks, nuns and those in training in a peaceful, quiet, and positively energized atmosphere. Enjoy the peace and presence that emanate from them.

Ashram Living
Enjoy the relaxing environment of warmth and coziness through simple, clean and comfortable rooms and facilities. An ashram is a place of spiritual learning and not a hotel, spa, or gym.


International Cuisine
Dive into delicious, simple, healthy vegetarian meals from a multitude of cultures. We often serve Indian, Asian, Italian, Mexican and other tasty dishes.

Universal & Non-Religious
Feel free to be and express your true self in a safe, non-judgmental, respectful and welcoming place. The teachings are universal and can be enjoyed and practiced by anyone regardless of faith or non-faith.

Caring Environment
By attending you support humanitarian efforts. Currently, we provide access to elementary education for children in India and we are combating human trafficking by raising awareness & inspiring the youth to take action to help end modern-day slavery.

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FAQ about the Spiritual Children’s Camp

How old does my child have to be to attend?

Our Spiritual Children’s camp is for children between the ages of 6 – 13.

As a parent, can I attend a retreat while my child is participating in the camp?

Yes, you can sign up for a personal retreat or any of our ongoing retreats for that weekend. Be sure to register and book your space and program ahead of time. Space is limited.

What date do I need to register by?

Please register as soon as possible. At the latest two weeks in advance. If later than that please call us to confirm availability. Space is limited.

How much does the camp cost?

Early bird is $125 per child, Standard tuition is $150/child.

What time does the camp begin and end?

Check-in time is between 2:00 – 3:00 pm and the camp begins at 4:00 pm. The camp ends at 12:00 pm. The camp is a 2-night sleepover.

What should my child bring to the camp?

Warm clothing (jacket,gloves, hat, etc), hygiene items, sleeping bag (or pillow, sheet and blanket), water bottle, and tennis shoes (or any comfortable shoes).

What should my child NOT bring to the camp?

Any electronics, violent games, toys that resemble weapons, food/snacks that contain animal products (many candies have gelatin). Cell phones only for emergency use and not during classes and activities.

What if my child requires a special diet or medication?

Please let us know ahead of time your child’s needs.

Can I call to see how my child is doing?

Yes, you can communicate with them if necessary, and we can also give you a report on your child if needed.

How many teachers will be overseeing the camp?

There will be 2-3 teachers plus volunteers to help conduct the camp.

Meet the Teachers

Siddhayatan’s monks, nuns, and team have big hearts and are highly trained to provide you with guidance on the spiritual path, techniques to purify your body and mind, and teachings to uplift and awaken your soul. Learn more.

Maximize Your Stay

Maximize your stay while you are at Siddhayatan by adding another workshop, extending your stay, adding hatha yoga, or doing a juice cleanse. Learn more.

How to Pay?

We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and kindly appreciate cash or check payments as we incur a 3% fee for each credit card transaction. We do accept all major credit cards.

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