At the heart of the Ashram Living Experience at Siddhayatan is simple living and higher thinking.

Ashram Living

Many consider staying at an ashram for a month or two because they are seeking a place of spiritual refuge, an environment which encourages self-discovery and self-improvement, time and space to reflect, time for dedication and discipline in spiritual practices, an opportunity to serve, and for guidance to help eliminate confusion and misconceptions about spirituality.

Although Ashram Living sounds exciting and new, it is not necessarily for everyone. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally and even physically it can be challenging. That is why it becomes the ultimate spiritual experience. When you put your heart into helping, not only do you help yourself, you help others, too. The ashram life is a great spiritual test. Mostly, monks live the ashram life; however, we created a unique opportunity for those who are truly seeking to transform their lives through selfless service.

The Ashram

An ashram is a place of spiritual learning. It is a life of spiritual and non-violent living, being disciplined, having open-mindedness, working hard with the heart of selflessness and humbleness, being a part of implementing a greater vision, and being content with simple living. An ashram is an environment of monastic living, therefore there are no alcoholic beverages, drugs or smoking, and celibacy is strictly practiced.

Ashram Living Experience at Siddhayatan

Siddhayatan Tirth is in the process of becoming one of the largest ashrams in North Texas. The founder of Siddhayatan, Acharya Shree Yogeesh, has developed multiple active and successful ashrams in New Delhi India, near Los Angeles, California, and Estonia, Eastern Europe. Siddhayatan is in its early stages of development of what it will eventually become. This is one of the unique reasons, among many, to come to Siddhayatan – to be part of the critical beginning.

The most distinctive feature of Siddhayatan Tirth is that an enlightened master and spiritual leaders are at the heart of the center. No other ashram presently has an enlightened master. Gurus and spiritual teachers, yes, but not an enlightened, self-realized and awakened one. Acharya Shree Yogeesh has been leading a spiritual movement since the age of fourteen when he first became a monk. He is an advocate of non-violence, promotes spirituality and soul awakening, teaches the tools and process to help you grow and transform, and encourages seekers to be spiritual, rather than religious. His mission is to plant seeds of awakening which lead to soul liberation. While at Siddhayatan, you will experience his powerful presence, kindness, humor, and unforgettable wisdom.

Ashram Living Candidates

Siddhayatan is a bubble of spiritual and enlightened energy. The Ashram Living Experience Program is extended to select individuals as we know the ashram life is not for everyone. Siddhayatan Ashram is not for individuals who are without a home and need a place to stay, eat and relax. Siddhayatan seeks responsible individuals who have a big heart, are dedicated to the spiritual path, hard-working, positive, independent, disciplined, and determined to grow.

* Individuals are accepted into the program based on application, interview, and current ashram projects. *

Details & Criteria


Participants are responsible individuals who have a big heart, are dedicated to the spiritual path, hard-working, positive, independent, disciplined, can follow direction, and are determined to grow. You must be an active person in good physical health.

Classes & Workshops

You will be invited to participate in one workshop (a value of up to $450) within your thirty-night stay. The workshop will be based on the recommendations of the master after your consultation with him or one of the teachers. You are also invited to participate in Hatha yoga sessions when available. As part of your experience, you will also participate in Mantra chanting twice daily.

Direct Guidance

You will receive weekly guidance. Tasks and written assignments may be given to you from the spiritual teachers to help you grow and transform.


During your spare time you can write, read, meditate, reflect, study, do your spiritual practice, enjoy long walks, and spend time with like-minded guests and visitors.


Standard-Shared accommodations will be offered. This includes a clean, simple and comfortable standard-shared room to ensure comfort, peace and quiet, time and space for self-improvement. If you wish to have more privacy and wish to have a half-private room, you may upgrade for an additional $10/night.


Enjoy healthy international vegetarian and vegan cuisine three times a day, plus chai tea in the afternoons.


Your commitment to the Ashram Living Program includes 4 – 8 hours of work/day depending on your selection. The work will be based on your skills and current ashram project needs. All participants are required to help with housekeeping and cleaning the kitchen. You will have one full day off for personal time.


The Ashram Living Program ranges from $350 – $950, depending on the volunteer option you select and includes all of the above. Because of the unique nature of this program, this fee is non-refundable and is required to secure your space. Only upon acceptance into the program (after reviewing your application and interview) will you receive the link to complete your final registration. Scroll down to view your program options.


  • $350month
  • 8-hour volunteer day
  • 1 workshop program
  • Weekly spiritual guidance
  • Shared accommodations
  • Shared bathroom
  • Mantra classes
  • Vegetarian meals
  • Apply
  • Volunteer - 6 hr
  • $650month
  • 6-hour volunteer day
  • 1 workshop program
  • Weekly spiritual guidance
  • Shared accommodations
  • Shared bathroom
  • Mantra classes
  • Vegetarian meals
  • Apply
  • Volunteer - 4 hr
  • $950month
  • 4-hour volunteer day
  • 1 workshop program
  • Weekly spiritual guidance
  • Shared accommodations
  • Shared bathroom
  • Mantra classes
  • Vegetarian meals
  • Apply

In Their Words

FAQ about the Ashram Living Experience

Do you offer a work-exchange program?

This is a volunteer program. You want to experience selflessness by helping develop a place dedicated to helping individuals awaken, transform, and find & free themselves. With the classes, workshops, accommodations, meals and other features that are included, we do not offer a work-exchange program and a fee is required.

Why do you charge a fee if I am working?

Costs are involved to cover your accommodations, utilities, and meals for your thirty-day stay. Your fee helps us cover these costs. We also believe when you make an investment into yourself you value the experience more.

How can I avoid the fee?

We will consider waiving the fee if your profession is in construction, electrical or plumbing and we are in need of those services.

After I complete the application form, what is next?

Once you complete the form, we will review your application. If an interview is needed we will contact you directly to schedule a phone interview. After the interview, we will consider your application. If you are accepted into the program, we will send you to a different web page where you can complete the final registration form and submit your payment to secure your space.

If I have an injury or have a medical condition, can I still participate?

You must be in good physical health in order to participate because of the occasional physically-demanding work that may be required. If you have an injury, are recovering from surgery, pregnant, or have a medical condition that prevents you from work, we encourage you to heal and get better before applying.

Do you provide internet / wifi access?

We do not provide internet or wifi access. If you would like to have Internet access, you can purchase cellular or satellite internet service before arriving. We discourage internet use during your stay to help you avoid distraction.

How do I know the ashram life at Siddhayatan is not for me?

If you are seeking a commercial or resort-like ashram, a loud and noisy atmosphere filled with people, are into eating meat, drinking alcohol, smoking, doing drugs, and are sexually active, this ashram is NOT for you. If you are closed-minded and not open to new teachings that can be beneficial to you, are undisciplined and not independent, not willing to work with others or unable to follow directions, then this ashram life experience is NOT for you. We are seeking individuals who are open-minded, independent, dedicated to spiritual improvement, humble, hard-working, disciplined, respectful and determined to help themselves as well as others.

Can I do a water fast or juice fast during the Ashram Living Program?

Because of the nature of the physical labor that may be involved, we do not allow the Ashram Living participants to fast during their stay. Only during your day off you can opt to fast.

What items do I need to bring? What about laundry?

When you register, you will receive an email with all of the items to bring. In general, bring your personal hygiene items, towel and appropriate clothing and shoes for the weather. You will have access to do laundry once per week.

How many hours do I need to work?

You are required to work between 4 – 8 hours/day based on your program selection. Any time before or after can be used for personal time.

Apply for Ashram Living Program

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