Imagine if you could get away and have some absolute peace and quiet to yourself? Beautiful right? Even just a few days to get away from it all and be in a natural setting away from the big cities, work, stress, and responsibilities. Just one day or even one week can make a big difference!

Much needed inner peace

Do you know what it feels like to be quiet and have inner peace? Maybe it has been a while? When was the last time you were away from life’s distractions and were able to be by yourself? You live in a world that is constantly changing, a lot of things going on: to-do lists, work, children’s school and activities, birthday parties, people to answer to, and you feel like you wish you could just be alone. You want space, peace and quiet.

Could this be how you feel? … geez!

You simply have a lot going on. You have a lot of responsibilities. You have stress on your shoulders. You want alone time, but there is no way to get it at your home – it’s too busy. Or maybe you’ve tried to be alone at a local park or beach, but it is not cutting it. You feel like you need just one day and it will be impactful. You get easily frustrated because you feel disconnected from yourself and purpose. Maybe you have slacked off from your yoga and meditation practices and you want to get started again. You desperately want your space. You’ve gone through something major, like a breakup, divorce or death and need some time to process and heal. There are many reasons, but it’s sure, you need some “me time”.

You deserve a break!

You know that if you don’t find some time to yourself, you’ll feel more lost. You might feel without taking the time out for you, you could blow up soon or have a breakdown. You’re close to “losing” it and just need to get away. You feel like your spiritual path is gone and another moment cannot be wasted. Maybe it’s time for a personal retreat so you can just break free from everything and everyone, and be with yourself, with like-minded individuals and some peace and quiet. With the hustle and bustle of the world, you know you need to schedule a few days off. Just do it. Don’t wait any longer. You deserve it.

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About the Personal Retreat

Be in a bubble of spirituality, peace and quiet. During your personal retreat you will be among monks and nuns whose wisdom can inspire you or even help you answer some of life’s questions you’ve been pondering on. You will stay in simple and clean rooms where you can relax, cozy up with a book, write endlessly in that journal you’ve been waiting to fill up, witness amazing sunsets and sunrises across Siddhayatan’s rolling hills, fill your lungs with pollution-free air, get to participate in healing chants in the morning and evening to start and end your day nicely. While on personal retreat, you will be able to tune out the world and enter your inner world – that world which has long needed your attention, love and care. A personal retreat at Siddhayatan is a perfect way to relax, let go and feel peace.



A safe place to get away from it all and just be with you, devote time to self-improvement, creativity or to do the things you’ve wanted to do without any distractions.

Peaceful Atmosphere

Merge yourself in a spiritual and peaceful environment surrounded by nature, forestry, trails, and ponds allowing you to relax, reflect and meditate.


Enjoy the ultimate spiritual retreat experience at Siddhayatan.
Enjoy a beautiful day sitting at one of our ponds or forests meditating. Watch breath-taking sunsets and expand yourself into the clear starry skies and Milky Way.

Spiritual Environment
Be surrounded by monks, nuns and those in training in a peaceful, quiet, and positively energized atmosphere. Enjoy the peace and presence that emanate from them.

Ashram Living
Enjoy the relaxing environment of warmth and coziness through simple, clean and comfortable rooms and facilities. An ashram is a place of spiritual learning and not a hotel, spa, or gym.


International Cuisine
Dive into delicious, simple, healthy vegetarian meals from a multitude of cultures. We often serve Indian, Asian, Italian, Mexican and other tasty dishes.

Universal & Non-Religious
Feel free to be and express your true self in a safe, non-judgmental, respectful and welcoming place. The teachings are universal and can be enjoyed and practiced by anyone regardless of faith or non-faith.

Caring Environment
By attending you support humanitarian efforts. Currently, we provide access to elementary education for children in India and we are combating human trafficking by raising awareness & inspiring the youth to take action to help end modern-day slavery.

Your Retreat Includes


We provide simple, clean and comfortable accommodations as part of your all-inclusive retreat. You have a choice of either shared, private or full-private accommodations depending on your preference of stay. Rooms include linen, heat and a/c.

Chai (Tea)

Enjoy hot homemade ginger or cardamom Indian chai (tea) with us in the afternoons. Sit with other guests outside, absorbing the warmth of the sun and immersing yourself in the peace and beauty of the surrounding nature.

Vegetarian Meals

Enjoy a variety of international vegetarian and vegan meals for lunch and dinner with the company of like-minded individuals. A simple breakfast is also included. Vegan meals and special-diet meals are available upon request. 

Mantra Chanting

Chanting divine sounds (mantras) to increase inner peace, concentration, calmness, knowledge, contentment, prosperity in all aspects of life, overcome life's difficulties and fear, detoxify the body, mind & soul and purify negativities.

Yoga Mandiram

Have full access to our yoga-meditation mandiram when available. Our quiet mandiram is a very peaceful, energized, healing and perfect space to practice yoga and meditation.

In Their Words

Zandra, US Virgin Islands

Kay, Texas

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FAQ about the Personal Retreat

Will I get a mantra to help me awaken and grow spiritually?

Part of this retreat includes 12 mantras, which helps you grow spiritually, activate your chakras, increase peace and calmness, and help reduce the negative affects of the mind..

Can I practice silence when I attend this retreat?

Yes, you can have a silent retreat too. You can ask your questions by writing them on a piece of paper, or you can ask your questions in class, then return to your silence once class is over.

Can I do a water fast when I attend this retreat?

Yes, you can water fast during your personal retreat if you select Half-Private or Full-Private accommodations. When you register just select the fast as an add-on.

I’d like to take workshops during my stay, is this possible?

Yes, you can participate in one or multiple workshops during your retreat. During a 3-day stay, we do not advise more than two workshops. To learn more about adding on a retreat, click here for more information.

Can I come a day or two earlier or stay a few days later?

Yes, you can come a few days earlier or stay a few days later before and after your program begins. This is considered a personal retreat that can be added on to your stay. Click here for more information on extending your stay.

Is it possible to schedule a private consultation during my personal retreat?

Yes, we do offer private consultations in 30 minute and 1 hour sessions on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can request your private consultation at the time of registration or during your program. To learn more about the private consultation, click here.

Can my children come?

Due to the nature of our programs, we prefer that your children do not come with you. We do not offer day-care or baby-sitting services. However, we encourage you to come during our Spiritual Children’s Camp. We offer this camp several times a year. Therefore, while your children are learning you can then participate in the workshops you’d like. To find out more about our spiritual kid’s camp click here for more information.

I’ve never done anything like this before. So I’m nervous.

It’s completely normal to be nervous, because you might be unfamiliar with spirituality, going to an ashram or retreat center, or learning directly from monks and nuns. Many of our guests have said they wanted to come to the retreat because “it felt right” for so long but were just nervous and even afraid to come. Then while here, they wished they would’ve not waited so long and came sooner. Check out our reviews page to hear from them directly in their words.

Daily Personal Retreats

Flexible Scheduling

Don’t wait longer. Personal Retreats are available daily. Come any day of the week and choose your own length of time!

Attending workshops too?

You can attend a scheduled workshop/s during your Personal Retreat, visit our calendar for availability.

Reserve Your Space

  • Half-Private
  • $95night
  • Private accommodations
  • Shared hall bathrooms
  • 2 mantra chanting sessions
  • Vegetarian meals
  • Register
  • $125night
  • Private accommodations
  • Private bathroom
  • 2 mantra chanting sessions
  • Vegetarian meals
  • Register

* Require a Vegan or Gluten-Free Diet? We can meet your needs.
** Would you like to complement your stay with another workshop? Click here for more details.

Meet the Teachers

Siddhayatan’s monks, nuns, and team have big hearts and are highly trained to provide you with guidance on the spiritual path, techniques to purify your body and mind, and teachings to uplift and awaken your soul. Learn more.

Maximize Your Stay

Maximize your stay while you are at Siddhayatan by adding another available workshop, extending your stay, adding hatha yoga, signing up for a private consultation, or doing a water fast. Learn more.

How to Pay?

We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and kindly appreciate cash or check payments as we incur a 3% fee for each credit card transaction. We do accept all major credit cards.

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