Siddhayatan Tirth is a hub for spirituality and a home to truth seekers.
Siddhayatan, an ashram and spiritual retreat center, is the perfect place for spiritual learning, personal growth, soul awakening, and total transformation.

About Siddhayatan

Siddhayatan is a place for you to blossom, to flourish, and be free. As an ashram, spiritual retreat center, monastery and future meditation park and pilgrimage site, Siddhayatan Tirth is dedicated to helping souls awaken, improve themselves and totally transform.
At heart, Siddhayatan offers so much, giving you a safe place to rejuvenate, rediscover, reconnect and experience the freedom to be who you really are – a freedom not often found in the world, at work, or even sometimes in your own home. By providing a spiritual, clean and simple atmosphere, the pressures of life that rest on your shoulders easily diminish and float away. Siddhayatan is a place where you can forget about the world and enter your own.
Siddhayatan is founded and based on the teachings of living enlightened master Acharya Shree Yogeesh, which are spiritual and not religious. We also share and bring to light many of the hidden Eastern teachings found in the ancient Samanic Tradition (Jain System) and Hindu culture.
Since the inception of the spiritual center in 2008, many guests have gone through amazing transformations, because they were ready. By the time they leave, whether it’s after 3 days or 7 days, there is a new-found hope in their eyes, a glow of light surrounds them, their face completely relaxed and worry-free, with a feeling of empowerment and a deeply-rooted knowing that they have found themselves. Maybe your time is now.


Siddhayatan was founded on a simple premise: anybody can change when given the access to the right tools, right environment and right guidance. The purpose and mission is to: transform lives by promoting non-violence, compassion, unity, self-improvement, health and well-being, and spiritual growth.

Universal Teachings

Nonviolence is your first step towards spirituality and enlightenment. It is the Mother of all great higher principles like love and compassion. Nonviolence, although popularly known for not harming, hurting, disturbing or killing any living being, goes beyond just action. It also includes being nonviolent in thoughts and speech. Nonviolence is the greatest principle to bring peace in this world because it means to be in oneness with every living being throughout the universe. Nonviolence promotes co-existence, which is to live and let live. Practicing nonviolence makes you a spiritual person.

Total Transformation means to change all areas of your life completely. To transform all your lower qualities into higher qualities. For example, you transform your anger (a lower quality) into unconditional love (a higher quality). Or, transforming your ego into humbleness. When one totally transforms themselves, there is no need for improvement, because they already reached their highest potential. When you totally transform your life, you can influence and impact others in a positive way

Oneness means to be one with all living beings. When you feel oneness with all you cannot hurt, harm or kill any living being, because they are an extension of you. If you hurt others, you are hurting yourself, too. There is no separation between you and anything else. When you feel oneness, you will never discriminate against another person based on who they are, and their gender, color, race, creed, orientation and culture. We all breathe the same air. We all have the same color blood. We all drink the same water. We share similar emotions and suffering. We are one.

Right Knowledge is the key to knowing who you really are and liberating yourself from pain and suffering. Right knowledge does not refer to your intellect or the understanding of scriptures or scholarly texts, or even education. Right Knowing comes from direct experience of the soul and not with information collected from your senses, nervous system or mind. Right Analysis is the method of finding truth in all aspects of life and experiences. When you use your mind 100% in the right direction with no bias, the pure mind, as a tool, can show you a little ray of light of the truth..

In order to be a spiritual and peaceful person in society, you must have the right behavior. When you conduct yourself correctly, all aspects of your life, including relationships, family, relationships, work, etc. will be positive. Right conduct will help grow spiritually because all of your actions, thoughts and speech are in complete spiritual discipline of nonviolence.
Right Conduct includes all of the following: No Alcoholic Beverages; No Drugs or Hallucinogens – Marijuana included; No Violence; No Lying; No Gambling; No Meat; No Hunting; No Prostitution

Right Analysis is the method of finding truth in all aspects of life and experiences. When you use your mind 100% in the right direction with no bias, the pure mind, as a tool, can show you a little ray of light of the truth.

An Inner Awakening is a sudden click and jolt within you that changes your reality from darkness to light. It is this inner awakening that begins your spiritual journey. Oftentimes inspiration, incident, curiosity, and intensive-seeking of the truth leads to an inner awakening. Once the inner awakening begins, you begin to do spiritual practices (sadhana) and certain disciplines to continue improving your life and advancing on the spiritual path gradually, one step at a time.

Higher Principles of Living

Siddhayatan Tirth’s principles are never compromised and are the foundation of its teachings.

Non-Violence. Not causing harm to self or any other living by thoughts, actions, and speech. Siddhayatan promotes vegetarianism as an extension of non-violent living. Compassion. Being sympathetic for the pain experienced by any or all living beings and helping them overcome their suffering. Open-Mindedness. To practice tolerance, openness and acceptance of others’ beliefs, values, culture and lifestyle. Equality. To feel oneness with all living beings and viewing them as equal. It is a practice of unconditional love. Respect. Treating all life with honor, kindness, regard and valuing who they are and their opinions. Self-Mastery. Practicing right conduct, transforming lower qualities, balancing personal and work life, being unaffected by mental and emotional stress, while being grounded. Healthy Living. Creating a lifestyle which includes a vegetarian diet, yoga, meditation, detoxification through intensive breathing, and emotional/mental management.


Acharya Shree Yogeesh is a living enlightened master of this era and founder of the Siddhayatan Tirth and Spiritual Retreat. As an inspiring revolutionary spiritual leader, for over forty-five years Acharya Shree Yogeesh has dedicated his life to helping guide hundreds of thousands of people on their spiritual journey of self-improvement and self-realization. It is Acharya Shree Yogeesh’s mission to spread the message of nonviolence, vegetarianism, oneness, and total transformation. Through his knowing and wisdom he guides people to transform themselves by helping them advance spiritually, become happier, improve their health, break addictions, experience self-realization, taste higher states of consciousness and awaken their soul.

Who We Serve

Siddhayatan’s visitors, guests and students come from all over the world and are diverse in culture, profession, orientation, religion, beliefs, age, and status. Common professions of visitors are nurses, doctors, teachers, lawyers, high-level executives, small-business owners, military personnel, psychologists, social workers, teachers, retail-industry workers, health and fitness instructors, artists, students, among many others.
They all have come for various reasons including, but not limited to: spiritual guidance, life direction, healing, personal growth, transformation, health and well-being, clarity, finding happiness, discovering their life’s purpose, balancing personal and work life, etc. Many also come as a result of stress, PTSD, addiction, health issues, abuse, depression, feeling lost and confused, imbalance, hopelessness and are seeking a way to heal and rise above it.

Atmosphere & Location

Siddhayatan Spiritual Retreat rests on 200 acres of beautiful rolling hills located in the Texas countryside and in the small town of Windom. At Siddhayatan you will enjoy and immerse yourself in a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere surrounded by nature, forestry, ponds, prairies, mesmerizing sunsets and sunrises, and breathtaking clear and starry nights.


Spiritual Retreats
Health & Spiritual Retreats are offered on an ongoing basis for personal development and spiritual growth.
Spiritual Speakers
The Spiritual Teachers are available to speak at conferences, universities and small-to-large public or private events.
Facility Rental

Commercial kitchen, conference hall, yoga & meditation hall, and accommodations with overnight stays.

Group Retreats
Host your own retreat for your small or large group and use our facilities to make your vision come to life.

Why Choose Us

Siddhayatan Tirth is a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization. As a non-profit, Siddhayatan’s monks and nuns are dedicated to a lifetime of selfless volunteer service, helping individuals become healthier, happier and spiritual. 100% of all proceeds and donations are used towards the center’s growth and mission with no personal gain. Click here to donate.

Siddhayatan is a unique center and ashram. However, the greatest feature of Siddhayatan is that it is the residence of a living enlightened master. An enlightened master is one who has achieved the highest state of consciousness, has reached the depth of their soul, knows others on the soul-level, knows the truth and reality, has dissolved all their inner-enemies, and can help you, as a truth seeker, advance spiritually. Click here to meet Acharya Shree Yogeesh.

Siddhayatan is managed and run by monks, nuns and those who are training to become monks and nuns. The monks and nuns of Siddhayatan are the primary examples to spiritual seekers on how to lead a pure life of discipline, dedication to spiritual practices, persistence in overcoming life’s challenges, going beyond negativity, and learning how to awaken daily. With a center run by monks and nuns, the atmosphere is filled with peace, quiet, love, and joy. Meet Siddhayatan’s monks and nuns.

Siddhayatan support projects that help hundreds of kids receive an education, provide spiritual training, as well as work that provides healing and help for children and adults who have been traumatized in the past. To help Siddhayatan support projects, sign up for a retreat.

By attending a retreat or giving a donation, your contribution supports and helps develop an ashram where people receive spiritual teachings and guidance, emotional and mental help, and get to experience a peaceful environment. Sign up for a retreat.

Acharya Shree Yogeesh always says, “If you can change one person, you can change the whole world.” Siddhayatan’s retreats and programs strive to inspire and transform individuals totally, resulting in a domino effect around the world of transformation. Acharya Shree’s students have come from all over the world to learn directly from him and when they return to their home country they begin to not only change themselves, but the world around them.

Established Centers

Acharya Shree Yogeesh has founded multiple centers. His first center, Yogeesh Ashram International, was established in 1992 in New Delhi, India. His first US-based center, Yogeesh Ashram, was established in 1994 and is located in Riverside, California. In 2004, he established a higher secondary school, where 250 children receive education, in Haryana, India. In 2008 he established Siddhayatan Tirth, where he currently resides, in Windom, Texas. And recently, in 2014, he established his first Europe-based ashram, Siddhayatan Estonia, in Tallinn, Estonia, Eastern Europe. All of his centers promote the universal teachings of non-violence, spirituality, truth, total transformation and soul awakening.

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