Any day. Any retreat. Any program.

We are the only spiritual retreat center that offers flexible scheduling.
This means that you can come any day for any retreat or program.
Learn more about our EXCLUSIVE option for flexible scheduling.

Retreat Schedule

View the calendar for our scheduled retreats.
ABOUT THE SCHEDULE: (1) Personal, Silent, and Water Fasting retreats are offered daily.
(2) Retreats with workshops are 3-days long starting Monday-Wednesday, Wednesday-Friday, and Friday-Sunday.
(3) You are welcome to sign up for multiple programs to enjoy a longer stay! (4) The minimum night stay is 2 nights.

Schedule FAQ

Can I come any day for any retreat or program?

For personal, silent, and water fasting retreats, you can come any day! For all other workshop retreats you can select the Exclusive One-on-One upgrade, this means you can come on any day for any program. The Exclusive One-on-One upgrade is an additional $1000/workshop.

What is the minimum allowed stay?

For personal, silent, and water fasting retreats the minimum stay is 2 nights. You can register here.

What is the maximum allowed stay?

For personal, silent, and water fasting retreats the maximum stay is 30 nights. You can register here. For other programs or if you wish to stay longer please email us at

How many days in advance should I register?

We prefer at least a two-week advance notice; however, you can register last minute for any pre-scheduled retreat as long as we have availability. Call us at 903.487.0717 and we will confirm availability.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

Check-in is between 3:00 – 6:00 pm on the first day of your retreat. On the last day, check-out time is 12 pm.

Can I check-in early or check-out late?

We offer an early check-in or late check-out fee which allows you to spend more time at our retreat. The fee is $50 and will include your meal, tea and mantra classes during the extra time at the retreat.

Do I need to arrive the day before the retreat begins?

No. The calendar indicates the check-in and check-out date. There is no need to arrive one early unless you wish to spend extra time at the retreat.

What is the latest time I can check-in?

Since we are not a hotel, the latest we allow anyone to check-in is 9:30 pm. Please be aware that the staff starts the day very early, so be courteous and arrive during the suggested check-in times.

Questions about Scheduling?

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