Siddhayatan Spiritual Retreat Center offers a range of options for accommodations to provide you with a comfortable, quiet and joyful stay. Our spiritual environment promotes minimalism which encourages “higher thinking through simple living.”

We are not a hotel, although you will find super clean, comfortable, and simple accommodations. As an ashram we focus on the path of the inner self-improvement. If you are looking for fancy accommodations and hotel-like services, this center is not for you. This is a beautiful and peaceful environment that encourages you to find your self, be your true self, and helps you to connect with your soul.

Guest Rooms

Our clean, simple and comfortable guest rooms include twin beds, a night light, shelves, storage drawers, and bedding.
Fresh linens are available weekly – no daily maid service. For longer stays, we provide cleaning after each 7th day. Some rooms have central heating & air conditioning system in addition to a ceiling fan, and some others have individual AC units or heating systems. Some half-private and full-private rooms may include a desk with a chair.

– The type of room you will get depends on space and availability –

Two guests per room and sharing the hall bathrooms. (Busy seasons could be up to 8 per room)

Includes a private room and sharing the hall bathrooms.
Includes a private room and private bathroom.
Includes a private room and bathroom for groups up to 8 guests.

FAQs about our Accommodations

Can I share a Full-Private room with someone else?

Yes, we have a limited number of Full-Private rooms that can accommodate two or more guests. When you register you can select this option. Register as soon as possible to ensure availability or call us at 903.487.0717 to verify.

Does the price change if I share my room?

Our prices are per individual attendance, however, if you share a Full-Private room one guest will be charged the Full-Private rate and the second guest receives the Half-Private rate according to your program’s fee. If you share a Half-Private room, then the second guest pays the Shared accommodations rate according to your program’s fee. If you want to split the amount equally let us know before we process your payment at check-in.

Can I request sharing a room with a friend with the Shared Accommodations?

Yes, you can request sharing a room, however, if we have a larger group of people with shared accommodations you may have to share the room with up to 8 guests. If you strictly do not want to share the room with other people be sure to select the Half-Private accommodations and the second guest will pay the shared accommodations’ fee.

Can a family share a room together?

Yes, and it must be reserved in advance. We can accommodate a family of up to 8. Since this is a Full-Private room, one person will be charged the Full-Private room rate, the second guest will pay the Half-Private room rate and the rest of the guests will pay the Shared Accommodations rate all according to their program’s fee.

Can I bring my own linens?

Yes, as a courtesy please let us know so that we do not set up your room with our own linens. You can also bring your favorite pillow or anything else that might help you feel more at home.

How do I know which room is best for me?

It all depends on the type of experience you are seeking. If you want to have more privacy please select the Half-Private or Full-Private accommodations. If you are good with sharing a space you can select the Shared accommodations.

Do you offer pet-friendly accommodations?

Yes, we have one Full-Private room where we allow pets. When you register you can select this room for an additional $25/night. For multiple pets please call us at 903.487.0717 for rates.

Accommodations & Availability Questions?

Contact us.