Siddhayatan Spiritual Retreat Center offers a range of options for accommodations to provide you with a comfortable, quiet and joyful stay.

We are not a hotel, although you will find super clean, comfortable and simple accommodations. As an ashram our focus is to encourage “simple living and high thinking.” If you are looking for fancy accommodations and hotel-like services, this center is not for you. This is a beautiful and peaceful environment that encourages you to find your self, be your true self, and helps you to connect with your soul.

Guest Rooms

Our clean, simple and comfortable accommodations include a twin-bed, linen, comforter, bedside table, air conditioning and heater.
The type of room you will get depends on space and availability.

Includes sharing a room with up to 5 guests.
Includes a private room with community bathroom.

Includes a private room and private bathroom.
Includes a private room and bath for groups up to 6 guests.

Accommodations & Availability Questions?

Contact us.