The teachings at Siddhayatan are focused on helping souls awaken, transform, and liberate themselves. They are based on the enlightened teachings of Acharya Shree Yogeesh and the universal ancient spiritual system of Jainism. The Siddha Sangh Order is a monastic group that lives, teaches, and manages Siddhayatan Tirth, and is dedicated to living by their vows, living a disciplined life, improving themselves, helping others grow spiritually, protecting life, and reducing suffering.

The heart of Siddhayatan is the monks’ positive, peaceful, and spiritual energy. The monks practice what they preach, share personal stories from their own lives to inspire seekers, and are mission-oriented to promote true spirituality in the world. The real spiritual path is a difficult one – a path of humility, understanding, discipline, compassion, transforming lower qualities into higher qualities, burning accumulated karma, with the intention to liberate the soul — the ultimate freedom.


Purnam Yoga® System

“Purnam” in Sanskrit means perfection. With a blend of intensive breathing techniques and yoga postures, Acharya Shree Yogeesh developed the Purnam System, which helps cleanse your body of toxins and negativities and immediately brings clarity, a sense of lightness, reduced tension and the ability to meditate deeply. This is a new and unique system not taught elsewhere. It includes 84 breathing combinations in total. The breathing helps to detoxify the lungs, purify the blood and pump oxygen to the nerves and brain, while the postures help to tone and cleanse the muscles. It is not taught elsewhere. The Purnam System is deeply connected to the spiritual teachings of the Yoga system of nonviolence, self-improvement, meditation, and connecting to one’s highest self (soul).


Nonviolence is your first step towards spirituality and enlightenment. It is the Mother of all great higher principles like love and compassion. Nonviolence, although popularly known for not harming, hurting, disturbing, or killing any living being, goes beyond just action. It also includes being nonviolent in thoughts and speech. Nonviolence is the greatest principle to bring peace in this world because it means to be one with every living being throughout the universe. Nonviolence promotes co-existence, which is to live and let live. Practicing nonviolence makes you a spiritual person.

Total Transformation

Total Transformation means changing all areas of your life completely. To transform all your lower qualities into higher qualities. For example, you transform your anger (a lower quality) into unconditional love (a higher quality). Or, transforming your ego into humbleness. When one totally transforms themselves, there is no need for improvement, because they already reached their highest potential. When you totally transform your life, you can influence and impact others in a positive way. 


When you feel oneness with all living beings, you will truly understand what it means to be in oneness with yourself. The teaching of Oneness reminds us that we are all connected, we must co-exist together peacefully, and we cannot live without the other. As such, in the soul sense, there is no difference between us — we all want freedom, and peace, and do not want pain or suffering. When we are one, we won’t hurt, harm, or kill any living being.

Right Knowledge

Right Knowledge is the key to knowing who you really are and liberating yourself from pain and suffering. Right knowledge does not refer to your intellect or the understanding of scriptures or scholarly texts, or even education. Right Knowing comes from direct experience of the soul and not with information collected from your senses, nervous system or mind. Right Analysis is the method of finding truth in all aspects of life and experiences. When you use your mind 100% in the right direction with no bias, the pure mind, as a tool, can show you a little ray of light of the truth..

Right Conduct

In order to be a spiritual and peaceful person in society, you must have the right behavior. When you conduct yourself correctly, all aspects of your life, including relationships, family, relationships, work, etc. will be positive. Right conduct will help grow spiritually because all of your actions, thoughts and speech are in complete spiritual discipline of nonviolence.
Right Conduct includes all of the following: No Alcoholic Beverages; No Drugs or Hallucinogens – Marijuana included for recreational purposes; No Violence; No Lying; No Gambling; No Meat; No Hunting; No Prostitution.

Self Analysis

Right Analysis is the method of finding truth in all aspects of life and experiences. When you use your mind 100% in the right direction with no bias, the pure mind, as a tool, can show you a little ray of light of the truth. Self-analysis is self-awareness, which can help you grow in all aspects. Self-awareness helps you identify the areas that need improvement in your life. 

Inner Awakening

An Inner Awakening is a sudden click and jolt within you that changes your reality from darkness to light. It is this inner awakening that begins your spiritual journey. Oftentimes inspiration, incident, curiosity, and intensive-seeking of the truth leads to an inner awakening. Once the inner awakening begins, you begin to do spiritual practices (sadhana) and certain disciplines to continue improving your life and advancing on the spiritual path gradually, one step at a time.


Siddhayatan Tirth’s higher principles of living are the foundation of our teachings, vision, and mission.


Non-Violence is the foundation and lays as the groundwork of everything that we do. Non-violence is not to hurt, harm, or kill the self or any other living by thoughts, actions, and speech. Siddhayatan promotes vegetarianism as an extension of non-violent living.


Being sympathetic for the pain experienced by any or all living beings and helping them overcome their suffering.


To practice tolerance, openness and acceptance of others’ beliefs, values, culture and lifestyle.


To feel oneness with all living beings and viewing them as equal. It is a practice of unconditional love. 


Treating all life with honor, kindness, regard and valuing who they are and their opinions. 


Practicing right conduct, transforming lower qualities, balancing personal and work life, being unaffected by mental and emotional stress, while being grounded.


Creating a lifestyle which includes a vegetarian diet, yoga, meditation, detoxification through intensive breathing, and emotional/mental management.