Chakras Spiritual Retreat:

Balance, Cleanse, Open and Activate Your Chakras through Sound, Color and Higher Understanding

Imagine a day when your chakras are completely activated and balanced. When you sit to meditate, you might have spiritual glimpses or experience your wisdom and intuition. Your body is feeling energetic and light. Your mind, clear and focused, your soul awakened. You feel total unconditional love for all. You are confident, no longer shy. You truly express yourself clearly, without hesitation. Fear is gone from you, because you are secure within yourself. You are radiant, glowing and vibrating with tremendous energy. Through balancing your chakras, you can transform your life.


Have you experienced this in your life?

– Low physical energy levels – it’s hard to get up in the morning, or you get easily tired

– Being fearful and feeling insecure – you wish you had more confidence

– Feeling imbalanced and not in connection with yourself

– Over emotional or you carry too much pain, anger and it is too hard for you to forgive

– Unable to express yourself, feeling shy, or worried about what others think of you

– Scattered, stressed out, or can’t hold a single thought

– Easily distracted, concentration is impossible

ME too.

When I came back from my deployment to Iraq in 2005, I felt completely lost and disoriented. I was unhappy. I lost myself. I was confused about life. Feeling insecure about where my life was heading at that moment. I was also angry and hopeless. I went to go visit my spiritual master, Acharya Shree Yogeesh, at the California ashram and I was sharing with him how lost I felt and how I was insecure with my life. He mentioned at that time, I had issues with my second chakra. My ears perked up because I never studied the chakras much at that time. I asked for help and he taught me more about the chakras and how it can affect you positively and negatively physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. He also shared his insight and specific techniques and tips on how to activate my second chakra so it can be balanced again. With time and practice, my second chakra started functionining correctly and soon after I enrolled in college, got a great job and life became clear again.


Would you want to find out more?

Maybe you’ve tried deep breathing, meditation and yoga, but something still feels off even though you’ve tried those helpful practices and possibly gave up. It wasn’t that you did something wrong or that it doesn’t work, but it could be very possible that becase your charkas were blocked, and no energy was passing through, it prevented meditation from happening. Most people do not realize this reason, but now you know. :)


That’s why we created a comprehensive chakra course: “Awaken your Chakras Retreat”

In fact, other retreaters are already seeing positive results like increased energy, concentration, clarity, compassion, love, wisdom, intuition, and positivity level shortly after they visit our spiritual retreat and attended the Awaken your Chakras Retreat, which includes:

– 3 chakra training intensive classes over 3 days / 2 nights.

A detailed overview of the 7 chakra system. When you learn the chakra system, for each chakra, you will know the colors, location, glands and organs that are associated with the chakra. By knowing this information you can learn to begin to heal yourself, this way you become physically healthier.

– The states and symptoms of each chakra. By deeply learning the symptoms of each chakra you will be able to identify for yourself which chakras are blocked, active and overactive. When you know which chakras are weak or overactive, you will know which ones need more attention and work.

 The chakra activation and balancing techniques. You will now have the tools in your hand to balance and activate your chakras. The Activation and Balancing methods includes understanding what colors to visualize, the symbols associated with the chakra, the sanskrit sounds for activation, and a unique powerful divine sound that can be used for activation, and the element it is associated with.

 Individual guidance and chakra activation by the master, if needed. In some cases chakras can be severely blocked thus creating a lot of sickness and uneasiness in a person’s life. Because Acharya Shree Yogeesh can see your aura and clearly see the state of your chakra, he might show you certain yoga postures or provide you with additional activation sounds if your chakras are severely blocked.

– A spiritual retreat experience with a lot of time for personal reflection and alone time.


Are you already experienced with the chakras, but need advanced chakra training? Instead of teaching you what you already know (above), let us help you go further with the chakras with:

– Special mudras to open and clear the chakras

– Special mantras to increase the colors of your chakra

– Advanced color therapy suggestions

– Learn how to heal others through chakra connection


What would your life look like with if you were peaceful, positive, relaxed, calm and happy? Would you enjoy having a better and happier home and social life?

So, who are we and why do we offer a Awaken your Chakra Retreat?

Our mission in life is to help others become healthier, happier and more spiritual. Our ultimate goal is to see people take even the first step in leading a spiritual life. Often times retreaters come to the retreat very stressed out because of work, family responsibilities, and they feel like life is passing them by and they feel they are at the end of the rope, but deep down they want to be happy, they want to feel good, they want to be able to relax, meditate and be peaceful, they desire spiritual awakening. Because we have mastered the chakra system and experience deep meditation, we want to show others (you) how to achieve it as well. We want to share the secrets.

I attended the 7 Day Spiritual Intensive Program including the Chakra Workshop. I learned everything I wanted to know about the Chakras. I would recommend every one that is seeking the right path to enlightenment to go visit Siddhayatan. I will visit again and for a longer period.


So many good experiences have been happening in my life since I returned from Texas. The breathing exercises, yoga postures and activating my chakras have helped me so much to deal with my depression and worries. Now, I feel more courageous. I can feel that my entire life is now heading in the right direction. Thank you, I will return soon.


I’ve attended other retreat centers, ashrams and chakra programs. Your chakra workshop is an actual system, a practice, that I can take home and continue. I’ve learned more here, than anywhere else.


I just wanted to tell you that I’m beginning to feel really good! The energy doesn’t go down anymore! I am very grateful for you changing my life!! I wish the best for you and I will keep following your teachings on YouTube. 


What else should I know?

Well, you should know that our retreat center is just a few years old. :) Although we have an established ashram center near Los Angeles, California since 1994, this spiritual retreat center in Texas just started in September 2008. We have facilities to teach and are able to provide nice accommodations, but it is a work in progress. Turning an old ranch into a large retreat center isn’t an easy thing to do. We have come very far though with the help of volunteers, and we are proud of our progress in such a short period. This is the main reason why space is so limited, but it’s great for you because class sizes are small thus we can provide you with individual guidance. Awesome!

Even though you’re just a click away, you might need a little bit more information to show you that this is the right retreat center and program for you. That’s very wise of you and hopefully this should help you make your decision.

– If you truly want to be completely balanced – body, mind and spirit – this is for you.

– You will be treated like family here, you are not just a number.

– If you’re nervous because you’ve never done this before, it’s okay, hundreds of first-time retreaters have come before you and by the time they leave, they don’t want to go .:)

– We are respectful of your personal journey, culture, beliefs and we do not discriminate whatsoever

– We’re just an email away, if you ever need additional help.

– We care about you and are here for you.

Retreat Includes


We provide simple and clean shared accommodations as part of the retreat package. Private accommodations are available for an additional cost.

Small Group Experience

Our class sizes range from 3-10 in order to provide a personal and custom experience.

Chai (Tea)

Enjoy freshly made India chai (tea) with us in the morning and afternoon.

Schedule Flexibility

When you register, input your preferred arrival and departure dates even if it doesn’t match our scheduled class times. Any weekday or weekend is okay.

Time for Reflection

In between classes, you will have time for yourself to practice what you have learned, write, read, or space for personal reflection.

Vegetarian Meals

We provide fresh vegetarian dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Truth Seeker Circle

12 months unlimited access to our exclusive spiritual truth and awakening video area (value of $360).

Mantra Chanting

Chant mantras (divine sounds) with us twice daily. Mantras help create positive energy to reduce stress, increase relaxation, and help you get in touch with your inner self.

Retreat Registration


  • Accommodations
  • Bathroom
  • Vegetarian Meals
  • 30min Phone Call


$400 / course


  • Shared
  • Shared
  • Yes
  • No


$470 / course


  • Private
  • Shared
  • Yes
  • No

Private Deluxe

$520 / course


  • Private
  • Private
  • Yes
  • No


$650 / course

1-on-1 with Master

  • Private
  • Private
  • Yes
  • Yes
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